Eden Ethos

Erotic Eden events re-inject a sense of lavish decadence into the scene, and recapture the magic and ideals prevalent in the minds of all fetishists, by hosting large-scale parties in a unique and luxurious manor house club venue.

These parties are fetish events with relevant dress code, and an inherently erotic theme and atmosphere (especially in and around the dedicated dungeon area provided by Roissy Workshops).

As well as exceeding the needs and expectations of experienced scene regulars and players, they also provide newcomers to this kind of event a great opportunity to experience kinky clubbing at its best, in a very friendly and open atmosphere. Affirming our aim to introduce people to a much sexier and enjoyable way of clubbing!

Guests can expect to have their senses thrilled, by the sexy atmosphere and erotic ambience that will surround them as they enjoy the plush setting and colourfully kinky people.

In short, every detail has been considered and no expense spared in order to enable guests to truly enjoy the previously inaccessible opulence of this unique venue in the heart of Herts. Erotic Eden party's are already becoming the ‘don’t miss’ events on the fetish calendar, marking the start of a new era of kinky clubbing.


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